Greetings from the President

Avance corporation successfully celebrated its 40th anniversary since the establishment in 1970, and its 30th anniversary since the corporatization in 1980 in accordance to business expansion. I sincerely express my gratitude to all the stakeholders including customer companies, shareholders, and employees.

When we started our business 40 years ago, there were not words like outsourcing and contracting yet. We just make sincere and down-to-earth efforts for customer satisfaction, and by accumulating customers’ trust and performances, we succeeded in establishing our current position as a pioneer in this industry. Since the Lehman shock, we also have got caught in a back draft, but our annual business as a group is going to exceed 10 billion yen. Just as Analects of Confucius says “The Master said, ‘At fifteen, I had my mind bent on learning; at thirty (after 30 years since corporatization), I stood firm; at forty (after 40 years since establishment), I had no doubts; at fifty (in 10 years from now), I knew the decrees of Heaven,” We will continue making efforts to know the decrees of Heaven in the next ten years.

We have a unique and overwhelming strength that no other companies have. We have already established the network regarding labor skills to respond almost completely to the requests of our customers including calling and management of foreign workers (we have recruited more than 60 thousand foreign workers in total,) as well as know-how of studying abroad, OJT, skills, and application/management of visa for long-term settlers. There are tens of thousands of our OBs in Latin America and East Asia. In coalition with a human resource development company in the field of engineering with more than four million registrants in East Asia, we have established support for worker dispatching, employment placement dispatching and business expansion so that customer companies can make use of our network that enables appropriate support as well as our know-how acquired in our 40 years’ experience.

In the light of the further changing society and working environment, we, as your best solution partner, maintain sincerity and flexibly provide high-skill workforce with adaptable fighting potential. In the compliance control, multiple production engineers of around 40 years of age will be in charge, who have worked for more than 20 years in manufacturers listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

As we all know, the business environment surrounding us and Japanese economy face a very difficult situation. However, proud of our history of 40 years since establishment and 30 years since corporatization, we will turn a new leaf and devote ourselves for the next decade to “the decrees of Heaven.” We, therefore, look forward to your continued patronage and business with us as ever.

Avance Corporation
President Takaharu Hayashi